Implant Dentistry — The Best Thing That’s Happened to Dentistry!

Stormie, a dental assistant in my Denver audience, enthusiastically jumped to her feet to respond to the question, "What is an implant?" She said, "The best thing that's happened to dentistry!" I agreed!

There are still plenty of patients who need dentistry. People, with or without teeth, are in need of repair or replacement. For many years, the replacement options included partial or full, removable dentures--like the dentures grandpa would take out of his mouth at family gatherings to scare all the kids.

Implant dentistry has been the best thing that's happened to dentistry for many reasons.  
  1. Dentists engaged in providing implant dentistry for their patients are more likely to provide more comprehensive care for their patients. This benefits everyone, including the patients who historically have only received care when they were in pain or when there was an obvious visible need, like a broken front tooth. Dentists who provide comprehensive care can help patients prevent pain or embarrassment.
  2. Providing implant dentistry requires providers of the service to expand their base of knowledge through additional education and improved clinical skills. This benefits everyone, especially the patients receiving care from a dental care provider who is always looking for better ways of caring for patients. Improved clinical skills for the provider can be life-changing for the recipient of the care.  
  3. Dentists can do better than they're done in the past. A patient said, "I figured if they could put man on the moon, they ought to be able to put teeth back in my mouth." Implant dentistry is the standard of care for patients missing teeth. Dental care providers should recommend implant dentistry as an alternative for patients who are missing teeth.
Implant dentistry is the best thing that's happened to dentistry! And, it is a service that patients have told me is worth more than what they paid for it. They say, "It's Priceless!"

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