Program Samples

Joy designs her presentations to serve the greatest needs of the audience, working closely with you to create the perfect combination of topics for a keynote, 3-hour or 6-hour presentation.  Topics include:

Implant Dentistry: Developing an Exceptional Implant Practice

In this content filled program, Joy will show participants how to develop an implant practice--find implant patients; create an environment that sells implant dentistry; answer questions about dental implants; coordinate treatment; manage risks; and get paid without insurance interfering with the patient's decision about receiving this life-changing care.

Marketing and communications skills go hand-in-hand with the clinical skills necessary for providing implant dentistry!  Joy Millis knows implant dentistry and how it can help practices gain the competitive advantage in dentistry! She managed one of the nation's largest implant practices and helped take it from providing no implants to providing full-time implant dentistry on a cash basis at 50 percent overhead within 5 years while developing a 300-doctor referral base in this short time, as well.

"Our implant business would not be as successful as it is today, if it were not for Joy's direction."  Dr. James Baker, Oral Surgeon, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Treatment Acceptance Involving the Entire Dental Team!

In this compelling program, Joy will challenge the entire team to question their beliefs and habits regarding their influence on patients. Joy shows you how to influence patients to make the best treatment decisions. Learn how to break through the roadblocks to complete treatment acceptance, propelling your practice into unexpected growth--in any economy! Joy will show you how to transform patients into loyal, committed, referring ambassadors for your practice!

Every member of the dental team has a profound impact on the decision patients will make about what treatment to receive and which dentist to see. Can you predict that potential patientswill call your office, schedule an appointment, show up, have a magical new patient experience, receive comprehensive care, pay for the service, return for continuing care and refer new patients year-after-year? If you are fed up with patients accepting only what insurance covers or asking for alternative, cheaper treatment plans, then you'll love this program.

"Joy's Treatment Plan Worksheet has helped generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in excellent, well-needed dentistry."  Dr. Jeffrey Rosenburg, General Dentist, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Getting Paid Without Insurance Interference

In this innovative program, Joy will show you how to reduce misunderstandings with patients, better insure payment, prevent insurance interference in treatment decisions, and maintain quality relationships between patients, staff and doctors. You'll love getting paid while helping your patients to receive life-changing dental care that they no longer view as "expensive" but instead value as "priceless."

Is money the major roadblock preventing patients from receiving quality dental care? Patients may not accept treatment because, "It's too expensive!" Or, they tell you they can't receive care unless their insurance covers it. Joy holds the record for collecting fees effectively, and will give you a complete system for making financial arrangements, increasing the likelihood that patients will receive quality dental care and pay for the service.

"Joy broke us free from reliance on dental insurance. We're getting paid now without depending on or guessing about insurance coverage." Dr. Lauralee Nygaard, Periodontist, Spokane, Washington

Lost Patients ~ How Dentists Lose Money Every Day!

Dentists lose patients--and money--every day!  In this important program, Joy will show you how to find, keep and stop losing patients! She will show you how and why patients are lost, and how to create a system to stop the loss and bring patients back to the practice.

If you have been in practice five years or more, it is estimated that you have more than a million dollars worth of dentistry--unscheduled--for patients needing additional dental care. Patients are lost and their records are filed and forgotten and archived from your computer files. How many boxes of charts do you have in storage? Joy helped one dentist find over $7,000,000 worth of necessary care in his active patient records, unscheduled. Another looked at just twenty patient records and found $98,000, unscheduled. While some dental professionals struggle to get new patients, Joy inspires and equips you to maximize your effectiveness with the patients you have.

"Joy brings real solutions to the table. Implementing Joy's Lost Patient System has produced significant results for recession-proofing my practice!"  Dr. Lauralee Nygaard, Periodontist, Spokane, Washington

Magical Teams and the Practice of Your Dreams!

In this exciting program, Joy Millis will challenge you and your team to examine what you must do to propel your practice to the next level of performance in four key areas--Team, Service, Setting and Process.Joy will highlight the process that is key to the next-level of performance and patient retention. Another title for the program is: Stepping Up! Taking Your Practice to the Next Level!

High performance teams are inspired and effective. Joy will highlight the character traits and communication expertise shared by these teams--benefiting your practice and your patients, too!Practices moving to the next level have service standards that help create patient retention and loyalty. Joy will show how to exceed the expectations of patients by going beyond what is standard, providing hospitality that creates eager participation in your practice. Joy will also demonstrate how the setting sells and influences decisions about care and where the care will be received.  The process you have in place should support the continuous delivery of quality care, insuring that patients will return.

"Joy re-defines 'above and beyond.' The help she provides is more, much more than anyone hopes for." Dr. John Corsten, General Dentist, Schaumburg, Illinois

Reviving your Spirit in Dentistry

You'll laugh and learn as Joy brings a fresh approach to making changes that will dramatically improve the quality of your personal and professional lives ~ reviving your SPIRIT! You will leave this program renewed, refreshed and looking forward to an amazing future in the profession of dentistry!

Joy Millis says, "Opportunities don't go away! They go to someone else, while you're mired in the day-to-day muck of the same old problems ~ killing your SPIRIT!" Do patients make you mad? They're late or don't show up at all? They never complete treatment, don't pay or refuse to come back for recall visits! SPIRIT killers! What about the dental team? It's the clinical team against the business team, everyone blaming each other, while attacking the doctor! SPIRIT killers! Joy believes that a sure prescription for success in dentistry is to find good people and engage them in developing their highest personal and professional potential.

"A lady named Joy, so they say,
Came to York one fine day.
With Wit and Wisdom by her side,
She lifted the spirits of our whole pride."
Dr. Veasey Cullen, Jr., Periodontist, York, Pennsylvania


How To Live Victoriously While Daily Facing Reality

If you offer a Christian service during your meeting, Joy gladly shares. Joy thinks it's amazing how God gets His message across, often with a great sense of humor! She will show you how to live, laugh and learn through the day-to-day events that teach us to hear His voice.